Mt. Makalu (8463 m.)

Name : Mt. Makalu (8463 m.)

Height : 8463m

Location : Sankhuwasabha

Mt. Makalu
Mt. Makalu lies in eastern part of Nepal. Mt. Makalu rises to 8463 m. above the sea level. Mr. Jean Couzy from France scaled Mt. Makalu first time on May 15, 1955 via West Face.
The position of this mountain lies on:
Latitude: 270 53' 23" and Longitude:  870 05' 20"
First Nepali Climber: Mr. Ang Chepal Sherpa topped the mountain on May 1, 1978
Normal Ascent Route: North West Ridge
Caravan Route: Ktm-Tumlingtar-Chichila-Num-Yak Kharkha-BC
Total no. of Summiteers: 434 till Deecember 2014